Thursday, August 12, 2021

Good neighbors

Township businesses repair monument

Bob Oberdorf, a right, of Pioneer Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance,
and Richard Yost, Jr. of Yost Sand & Gravel, dedicated the materials
 and labor to repair the Van Buren Township monument retaining wall.
Van Buren Township has some very good neighbors.

Recently, when one local business owner noticed that the retaining wall at the Van Buren Township monument sign on Belleville Road near Quirk was failing, he took some immediate steps to repair the situation.

Bob Oberdorf from Pioneer Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance told township officials that the failing wall posed a threat not only to the monument sign but also to the well-established trees and other landscaping around it. Oberdorf then donated the hardscape materials and labor necessary to make the repairs. He also enlisted the aid of Richard Yost, Jr. of Yost Sand & Gravel who donated the soil and material necessary to complete the repairs.

Lisa Lothringer, assistant executive director of the Van Buren Township Downtown Development Authority, said in a prepared statement that the township was very grateful to both Oberdorf and Yost for the work and their generosity.  

“At a time when many small businesses are struggling, these two local businesses have demonstrated the true meaning of community. They have proven the Van Buren Township community is about more than just geography, more than a simple cluster of homes and businesses. Instead, we collectively care for each other, lift one another up, and act together to achieve the greater good,” the statement continued.”

Lothringer said the DDA was “proud to have Pioneer Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance and Yost Sand & Gravel in our community.”