Thursday, November 24, 2022

Funeral donations needed

Inkster community officials are asking the public to help with the funeral costs of two teens killed in a house fire last month.

The teens, Alex Hall, 17, and his disabled 15-year-old brother, Anthony, were unable to escape the fire and smoke at their home on Florence Street in Inkster.  Authorities have ruled the cause of the fire as accidental. The boys were discovered by their mother, Shannon Hall, when she arrived home from work, officials said.

"I came home to find my house smokey and dark," said Hall. "When I walked in the house, I couldn't see, I used the light on my phone, and I could see my son on the couch, and I realized there had been a fire. My other son was in his bedroom."

In an effort to help with the funeral costs for the teens, a GoFundMe page has been established. Last week, more than 213 donations had been pledged to help Hall and $14,690 of the needed $50,000 had been donated.