Thursday, November 10, 2022

Voters choose 4 to serve terms on school board

Voters selected four members of the Plymouth Canton Community Schools Board of Education during balloting on Tuesday.

Voters favored Patti McCoin to serve the single, 2-year term of office and chose Anupam Chugh Sidhu, Judy Westra and Sheryl Picard to serve 6-year terms on the board.

Incumbent board member McCoin received 12,762 votes or 62 percent of the votes cast for the seat. Her opponent, Sebastien Ostertag, received 15,352 or 38 percent of the total votes.

McCoin earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration at Eastern Michigan University and her master’s degree at Wayne State University. She also has a graduate certificate in from Western Michigan University and works as a middle school math, social studies and ESL teacher with the Detroit Public Schools.  

Chugh Sidhu received 20,701 votes favoring her bid for the 6-year term. Westra was the choice of 20,347 or 18 percent of voters and Picard garnered 19,290 or 17 percent of the votes to win the 6-year terms. 

Chugh Sidhu, the top vote getter, has worked as a teacher, tutor, education consultant, administrator and as a school board member currently serving as secretary of the board. She has experience in education policy, leadership, programs and strategic planning. Sidhu was twice appointed by the governor to serve on state educational advisory committees. She and her husband have one child attending school in the district.

Her vote total was followed closely by Westra, an information technology professional who earned her degree from the University of Maryland. She and her husband have two children and she volunteers at schools in the district. 

Picard, who was also a candidate for the school board in 2020, now serves as an election precinct delegate.

Nathan Morris received 18,010 or 16 percent of votes cast in the election while incumbent Board Vice President LaRonda Chastang received a total of 17,444 or 15 percent of votes. Amanda Krinke was the choice of 17,147 voters or 15 percent of votes cast.

Members of the school board are responsible for establishing district educational policies, reviewing budgets and the hiring and supervision of district administrators, including the superintendent of schools.