Thursday, November 24, 2022

Longest serving mayor set to resign Jan. 16

Mayor William R. WIld
Bill Wild may be leaving the mayor's office but he isn't leaving Westland just yet.

Wild announced that he will resign as the mayor of the city Jan. 16 to take a position as the president and CEO of the Midwest Independent Retailer Association, based in West Bloomfield.

Wild, who was raised in Westland and is a graduate of John Glenn High School, has been the mayor of the city since 2007 and is the longest serving mayor in Westland. He served on the city council prior to becoming mayor. 

Wild has guided the city in attempts to convert the old Marshall Upper Elementary School building into a community facility, was instrumental in the initial curbside recycling program in the city and the return of the program after financial concerns forced cancellation of the service.

Wild was also at the helm of the city during the renovation of the former Circuit City building which opened as the new city hall in 2014. That renovation and building have been awarded several honors for innovation. He also hired the first Chief Diversity Officer in the city.

Wild said his leaving will allow him to spend more time with his family. His son plays college hockey and his two daughters are “very active.” He said the change to the new job will allow the family to enjoy a more normal lifestyle.  He added that he and his family have no plans to leave Westland.

He said he was honored that the Midwest Independent Retailer Association considered him for the prestigious position.  Wild added that he is confident that the city is in good hands with good leadership. He added that he is “proud of the work I've done here.”