Thursday, December 1, 2022

Downs development preliminary plan is ‘almost’ approved

Members of the Northville City Council approved the preliminary Planned Urban Development (PUD) site plan for The Downs development last week.

Council members imposed 10 conditions on the approval, however, adhering to contingencies set by members of the Northville Planning Commission. Council members also acknowledgement that approval of several items by city officials and the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is necessary.

The Northville Brownfield Redevelopment Authority and members of the city council must approve a brownfield plan and financing plan, before final approval. Council members must also approve a tax abatement proposal regarding the proposed apartment building to be constructed as part of the project along with several other items including the expansion of the DDA boundary around a portion of the new development. 

Council members also need to review and approve a PUD agreement for the project concurrently with the final site plan being submitted to the planning commission. 

Council members waived the second reading and approved the adoption of Ordinance No. 09-19-22Z to rezone the subject property to PUD during their regular meeting last week.

Mayor Brian Turnbull told the council members that Wayne County officials have given him a commitment letter for $3.2 million to be used for infrastructure that supports the Downs development.