Wednesday, October 16, 2019

City of Northville welcomes public safety grants

Northville City Police Chief Alan Maciag and Fire Chief Steve Ott had some good news for members of the city council during their regular meeting Oct. 7.
Maciag reported that the Bureau of Justice Assistance had awarded the city department a grant of $1,771 for the purchase of new bulletproof vests. The grant, Maciag said, will cover the cost of new, damaged and expired vests that have reached the 5-year efficiency expectancy.
The funds will be effective from April 1 this year until Aug. 31, 2021.  He also explained that the department is in need of a new upgraded evidence room and that he has applied for a grant to help fund that effort. He said he has also applied for a grant from the city insurance carrier, MMRMA, for a camera system.
Ott said that that the fire department was awarded three major grants from the Federal Emergency Management Authority (FEMA) Assistant to Firefighters program. He said the funding would be used to purchase a new ambulance, new hoses and new radios for the department. He noted, too, that proposed on-site Firefighter 1 and 2 training may be covered by a pending grant for which the department has applied. If the plan is implemented, certified staff members will conduct the six-month training program necessary for firefighters to attain the certifications. Ott said the program would be free to those who attend and that it would help retain graduates who have completed the training.
Members of the city council also approved a request from the Department of Public Works to participate in a SEMCOG water quality data program as part of a new Southeast Michigan Infrastructure Asset Management Program.