Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Westland council grants U.S. Farathane tax abatement

     Members of the Westland City Council approved a 12-year tax abatement program for U.S. Farathane, a plastics manufacturing and automotive supplier that has been operating in the city since 2007.
     The Industrial Facilities Exemption PA-198 of 1974 provides a tax incentive to manufacturers to renovate and expand aging facilities, assist in the building of new facilities and to promote the establishment of high-tech facilities.

Members of the city council unanimously approved the site plan for a 100,000 square foot building expansion at U.S. Farathane, located at 39200 Ford Road. The expansion will house increased manufacturing capacity for injection molding and compression molding business lines.  The total project investment is anticipated to be in excess of $20 million, with approximately $12 million for real property and building improvements. 
     “This type of abatement is applied exclusively to the new addition,” commented Mayor William R. Wild.  “In essence, the city agrees to compute the additional taxes at half of the local property tax millage rate, in order to incentivize these types of projects, which result in economic growth and job creation for the community.  We sincerely thank U.S. Farathane for their continued commitment to operating within the City of Westland.” 
     “The expansion will generate an additional $372,000 in tax revenues over the course of the 12-year abatement and is expected to produce 89 new full-time jobs of both salaried and hourly employees once the project is complete,” commented Aubrey Berman, economic development director.  “The agreement also includes a provision that the company will make good faith efforts to hire Westland residents, which the city has already been working with U.S. Farathane to ensure,” she added.
     “U.S. Farathane is proud and excited to be expanding our business in Westland and we are extremely grateful to the mayor and his team for the exceptionally positive and professional way this project has been handled by the city and its council,” commented Rodney Turton, vice president of purchasing for U.S. Farathane.  “Throughout this process we have continually been made to feel welcome and encouraged to make this next step in the expansion of our Westland operation. We look forward to many more years of doing business in this vibrant and embracing community.”