Thursday, May 13, 2021

Northville non-homestead tax renewal is OK’d

Unofficial results of the May 4 millage vote requested by the Northville Public Schools indicate that the non-homestead operating millage renewal was soundly approved by voters with 78.64 percent in favor of the renewal. 

According to district records, 5,142 voters were in favor of the millage renewal while 1,397 voted against the question.

Approval of the ballot proposal renews Northville Public Schools current operating millage rate of 19.2383 mills for five years, 2022 until 2026, and permits the school district to continue to levy the maximum 18 operating mills on only non-homestead property each year.

“We gratefully acknowledge the support of our Northville school community in this effort to ensure the full funding allocation for our schools. Strong schools are the foundation of a strong community,” said Superintendent of Schools Mary Kay Gallagher in a prepared statement.

“We are thankful for the ongoing support of our families, community members and out community partners, who recognize the link between exemplary schools and property values and who make the education of our young people a priority,” Gallagher concluded.