Thursday, May 13, 2021

Romulus voters approve non-homestead tax renewal

The operating renewal millage question for Romulus Community Schools was approved by 55.22 percent of voters during the May 4 balloting. 

According to unofficial results, 1,101 voters were in favor of the proposal while 893 or 44.78 percent were against the proposal. There were 1,994 votes cast according to the unofficial result tallies.

Inkster is the only precinct outside the city of Romulus that voted on the proposal. In that community, 47 voters were in favor of the renewal and 38 voted against the millage.

The renewal is a continuation of the current 17.6 mills levied ($17.6 per $1,000 of assessed value) on non-homestead property only. 

It will not result in a tax increase for residents, according to district officials.

Voters in the district were encouraged to “renew, restore and reclaim” the operating millage as a continuing message on the school district social media page in an effort to maintain services at the current level.