Thursday, May 13, 2021

Water quality concerns communities

Canton Township hires firm to perform cross connection system testing 

Canton Township residents may see some unexpected visitors to their property during the next few weeks as part of an inspection of the municipal water system.

Township officials have agreed to a contract with Hydrocorp to perform residential cross connection control inspections throughout Canton. The inspection is required by the Safe Drinking Water Act and administered by the state Great Lakes and Energy department which has instituted rules to protect drinking water and to prevent cross connections that may contaminate public drinking water systems. State law requires all communities to implement a program for removal of all existing cross connections and the prevention of all future cross connections.

Officials said that most residential contamination risks come from the large number of underground irrigation systems in the township. Owners of properties scheduled for inspection will be notified by mail that examiners will be on the site, they said, and cautioned that all inspections are done outside the home and at no time should any Hydrocorp employee ask to gain entrance to the residence.

Canton Township had previously required cross connection testing on commercial and industrial facilities due to the perceived greater risk of contaminants. While testing of these facilities will continue, Canton is now required by the state to address the residential sector.

Hydrocorp employees will have marked vehicles and be wearing safety orange vests with marked uniforms. For more information, contact Hydrocorp at (844) 493-7641.

The new residential testing is mandatory and required on a five-year cycle. Any home inspected in 2021 will not be inspected again until 2026.