Thursday, November 4, 2021

William Wild
Voters throughout the area made their choices Tuesday.

While there were no surprises in some communities where candidates were unopposed for  offices, voters made it offical at the polls. 

In Belleville, where Steve Jones was the sole candidate for two open seats on city council, he received a total of 258  votes according to unofficial reports from the office of the Wayne County Clerk.  

Inkster voters in the Taylor School District helped approve the sale of $130 million in tax bonds by a district-wide vote of 5,617 to 4,550. Local totals were not available at press time. 

Voters in the City of Northville returned unopposed Mayor Brian Turnbull to office with 719 votes while choosing John Carter and Andrew Krenz to serve on the two available city council terms. Carter received 602 votes, Andrew Krenz received 505 votes. Patrick L. Giesa received a total of 317 votes. 

Robert McCraight
In the City of Plymouth, only four candidates vied for the four available terms on the city commission. Linda A. Filipczak garnered a total of 837 votes, Jennifer Kehoe received      1,078 votes, Alanna Maguire received 995 votes and Nick Moroz received 1,086  votes. 

In Romulus, where current Mayor LeRoy Burcroff opted not to seek re-election, voters decided the hotly-contested mayoral race favoring current city Director of Building and Safety Robert McCraight over former Mayor Alan R. Lambert. Lambert, who previously served as mayor of the city from 2001 until 2013, received a total of 1,732 votes while McCraight was the choice of  2,483 voters. 

Ellen Craig-Bragg, who was unopposed in her bid to return as Romulus City Clerk, received 3,415 votes. Romulus City Treasurer Stacy A. Paige was also unopposed and garnered 3,453 votes.

Romulus voters returned all seven incumbent city counil members to office. Incumbent Kathy Abdo received 2,100 votes; incumbent Council President John Barden received        2,530 votes;  Incumbent Celeste Roscoe garnered 2,102 votes and incumbent Tina M. Talley received 2,333 votes.  Longest-serving incumbent City Councilman William J. Wadsworth received 2.204  votes while incumbents Eva Webb and Virginia Williams received 2,022  and 2,433 votes respectively.

 Newcomer Shakeel Ahmed received 851 votes; former City Councilman Harry Crout received 1,630 votes; Dwight Helms received 658 votes and David Hotz received 930 votes

A proposal to allow the publication of legal notices and minutes of the city in two electronic sites or a newspaper with reappointment every odd year was approved by a vote of 3,058 to 863.

 Voters approved the renewal of the Huron School District Operating Millage Renewal by a vote of 1,497  to 669. 

In Westland, another hotly contested race, incumbent Mayor William R. Wild was returned for his fourth term by a vote of 8,704. His opponent, City Councilwoman Tasha Green, received  3,367 votes.

Eight candidates were on the ballot seeking election to the four expiring city council terms.   

Voters chose incumbent Jim Hart with 6,770 votes; incumbent Jim Godbout with 6,204 votes; incumbent Peter Herzberg with 6,130 votes and newcomer Melissa A. Samprey with 6,037 votes.

Sarah K. Austin received 3,484 votes; David A. Cox garnered 3,453 votes; Debra Fowlkes received 4,806 votes and Antoinette D. Martin received 4,454 votes.