Thursday, November 11, 2021

School district holiday help program is seeking donors

The annual SHH! Program at the Family Resource Center is seeking holiday sponsors for students facing extreme circumstances.  

Shh! volunteers match sponsors with students who are currently experiencing homelessness, are in foster care placements or are in other disadvantaged situations. Students in the program will receive items that are new to them, which will help them fit in with their peers. 

Volunteers at the center said they focus on getting the student a few nice items that are tailored to their tastes and likes, and hopefully lift their spirits in this upcoming holiday season. 

The average amount spent on each student is approximately $200, but any amount will be helpful, as we can combine it with other donations, they added. 

To donate or sponsor a student send a check or gift card to the Family Resource Center c/o John Glenn High School, 36105 Marquette Westland, MI 48185. Please make sure to write "Shh!" in the memo of the check. 

Another option is to sponsor and shop for an individual student, center representatives said. A list of items on a student's wish list will be provided by the Family Resource Center. 

There is also the option of purchasing item(s) from a pre-selected list of "Must Haves" that many students request. These items are generally $50 or less. 

Any donation is a wonderful way for these students to feel like more of their peer group, a Family Resource staff member said. For more information, contact Family Resource Center Specialist Bridget Jarvis at (734) 419-2431 or .../1FAIpQLSfjjfeOF6zg5a.../viewform