Thursday, November 11, 2021

Trucking company leases township hall parking spots

Members of the Sumpter Township Board of Trustees unanimously approved a new contract with Davey Trucking for parking in the lot adjacent to Township Hall.

According to officials, the new month-to-month contract will require the company to pay $1,500 each month to park up to six trucks in the township lot. 

Trustee Tim Rush noted that the arrangement might have a benefit other than financial for the township as Davey is a subcontractor with DTE and having the trucks in the township “is going to help facilitate repair or maintenance of our infrastructure.”

Rush said he felt this could be a major “positive” for the township.

Trustee Matt Oddy agreed noting that the trucks had been on township property and using the parking at no cost. He was concerned with some provisions of the contract regarding the number of trucks allowed on the property but Township Administrator Michelle Cole explained that the concerns had been addressed in contract revisions earlier that day.

Trustee Peggy Morgan expressed concern that “when the trucks are in our lot is there a liability for the township when parked?”  Oddy responded that the company was responsible for insurance on their vehicles. In addition, he said, the township already had a general liability insurance policy.

Trustees unanimously approved the new parking fee during the Oct. 26 Zoom meeting.