Thursday, November 18, 2021

Trustees delay purchase of pump station air cleaning system

Members of the Sumpter Township Board of Trustees opted to table the purchase of a new air cleaning system for the Sumpter Road pump station until next spring.

Trustees agreed that the 14-16-week lead time necessary for the installation of the $85,100 BioAir system would be better authorized next spring. The machine would be installed in an effort to remediate the odor at the pump station, located at the corner of Willis and Sumpter roads. 

Residents in the area have been complaining for months about the odors emitting from the facility, and a recent survey indicated that 26 or 27 of neighboring residents found the smell emanating from the station to be “intolerable.”

Sumpter Township Department of Public Works John Danci told the council members during the meeting earlier this month that the situation was an “urgent matter” and that the air filtration and control device “needs to start operating.”

Trustees discussed, at length, the cost of the installation of the BioAir system, including the cement pad necessary to properly operate the machinery.

The decision on the purchase was tabled and is expected to be revisited by trustees in the spring.