Thursday, August 4, 2022

Buyers bring builder complaints to council

Romulus Mayor Robert McCraight expressed his sympathy and explained the limits of city authority as two residents of the Creekside neighborhood of homes detailed continued problems with the builder of the project.

Resident Lolita Wills told the council during their regular meeting that her front yard “looks like a jungle” because the site hasn't been properly graded. She said she has lived in the home for more than six months and is still waiting for the builder to take action and correct a number of incomplete items. She said the builder did finally install the concrete driveway into her garage, but she still has no walkway to her front door and no front porch.

“I can only go in my house through the garage,” Wills told the council. She said the streets and sidewalk remain unfinished and the there are many homes in the development that are not properly cared for by the builder. She told the council members that she has spoken to the building company and was told the sidewalk would be completed, but nothing has taken place and her yard is now unkempt and weed filled. She was joined in her complaints by Stan Gordon, another resident of the development. He said this was his fifth appearance before the council regarding various problems at homes in the development.

“There is no reason when they are working on the house next door to me and grading the yard and they haven't graded hers. They had the tractors out today and haven't touched her yard. That's ridiculous,” he said. “The builder has to be held accountable.”

Wills said she has a long history in the community as her parents have lived in Romulus for 50 years and she went to school in the city. “No way I should have to deal with this,” she said.

Gordon said that some immediate action was needed because when cold temperatures arrive in the fall and winter, it will not be possible to pour the cement for the sidewalks, porch and walkway. He added that despite having appealed to the council previously, he has received only “lip service” regarding the situation. 

McCraight expressed his own frustration and responded to Gordon's criticism of the lack of action by the city building department in requiring completion of the homes.

“The building department has a code of enforcement and they can't go beyond what is in that code,” he said. “It is unfair to blame the building department.” McCraight told both Wills and Gordon that he would personally “take a look” at their homes the next day “to see for myself” what problems may exist.

He said that he would meet with the city staff members and the city attorney to attempt to find some answers and determine what, if any, action the city could take to help the homeowners. “We have to have all the answers. “We need all the facts and some legal opinions are needed,” McCraight said.       

Creekside homes  range in square footage from around 1,500  to more than 2,900 square feet and are priced at approximately $163,000 to $255,000.