Thursday, August 4, 2022

Voters decide local millage questions

Voters throughout the area made their choices at the polls on Tuesday during the Primary Election.

In addition to limiting the candidates to move on to the Nov. 8 General Election, voters were asked to approved public safety and library millages in several communities.


Voters in these three communities approved the levy of 0.6864 on taxable property in geographic boundaries of the Belleville Area District Library. The millage request is for 15 years, 2022 until 2036 and will provide funds for library operating purposes. In Sumpter, 991 voters said NO while 864 said YES. In Belleville, 4,846 voters cast YES votes while 3,385 said NO. This millage restores the levy that expired in 2021. 


In both the City and Township of Northville, voters approved a renewal of a 0.18955 against taxable property to fund the library. The renewal is for 10 years, 2023 until 2032 and will be used for general library operating purposes. The millage will generate an estimated $524,519 in 2023. Northville Township voters approved the millage by 6,526 YES votes opposed to 1,450 NO votes. In the City of Northville, voters cast 535 YES votes and 78 NO votes. An estimated $11,195 will be disbursed to the Northville Township Brownfield Redevelopment Authority, which is revenue from properties located with the district of that authority. 


The levy not to exceed 4 mills for 5 years to fund public safety services including police and fire protection in the community was approved by voters who cast 2989 YES votes. There were 1,069 NO votes. The continued levy will be effective from 2024 through 2028.


Voters were asked to approve a 2-mill levy to fund the township police department and renew an expired 1 mill public safety millage. The 2-mill levy will continue for 4 years, starting this year and in effect through 2025. Voters approved the millage by a total of 1,274 YES votes and 695 NO votes.The 2-mill tax will generate an estimated $765,000 the first year. 

The 1-mill renewal of an expired millage also dedicated to funding the Sumpter Township Police Department was also approved by a total of 1,132 YES votes opposed to 831 NO votes. The millage had been reduced to .98044 mills.

Voters also chose Sheena Barnes as the Democratic candidate for township treasurer with 446 votes. Opponent Vincent Warren received 376 votes. Barnes will face Republican candidate Bart Patterson in November.


 The Wayne County request to continue a 2021 millage, first authorized by voters in 2012 of .9358 mill, or about 94 cents per thousand dollars of taxable valuation for another 10 years was approved by voters. YES votes were reported as 116,528 while NO votes were 77,487. The revenue from the renewal of the millage will be used to operate the Wayne County juvenile jail or detention facilities and adult penalty options. At least one tenth of the revenue from the millage must be used to acquire, build and operated a juvenile offender work/training institution.