Thursday, August 4, 2022

Trustees to hear proposed plans for park

Members of the Sumpter Township Board of Trustees are expected to hear a preliminary plan for improvements at Banotai Park at their next meeting.

During the July 26 meeting, Township Manager Anthony Burdick told the trustees that he had expected a guest to discuss a proposed plan to revamp the township parks. He said that conceptual ideas for improvements to Sherwood Park included a suggested 5-acre expansion of the facility. 

Burdick stressed that any plans or proposals for the park were in the planning stages and that no cost consideration or estimate was ready to present to the board. He did add that the plan would include the filling and resloping of the pond at the park as well as a restructuring of the roads and access points around the park.

“Reclamation is my input,” Burdick said. He added that the park was one of townships greatest assets. “I don't know of another park that brings in people from surrounding area,” he said. 

Burdick said that he expected a presentation from the scheduled speaker at the next board meeting, but did not announce the name of the individual. “This person worked on a number of projects and can present a plan,” Burdick added.

Sharon Pokerwinski, a long-time member of the parks and recreation committee reported that she had received a return call from a representative of the Wayne County Parks and Recreation Department regarding a grant application to be used for park facilities. Pokerwinski has been representing the parks and recreation committee in an effort to secure a county grant to improve the parks.

“I told them the dock was taken out and that I don't need that in the grant,” she said. Pokerwinski said the county representative agreed that she could restate the proposed uses for the funds, but that she only had two weeks in which to submit any amended application

In light of Burdick's announcement of preparation of a more comprehensive plan for the park, Pokerwinski said she was unsure of the most appropriate action. 

“The grants are timely so we have to decide what we're going to do,” she said. “I'm going to be ready to sign off on a grant in September and you're going to get $17,777,” she said. “I hate to see that money go away.” 

Pokerwinski also suggested that more communication between the administration and the park and recreation committee was necessary. “I really think we need to get together and talk,” she said. “Parks and rec doesn't know if we are coming or going.”