Wednesday, November 27, 2019

City levies safety millage

Property owners in the City of Belleville will see a 2-mill increase on the winter tax bills set to be mailed next month.
Members of the Belleville City Council approved the levy of the 2-mill tax during the Nov. 18 meeting. The levy will be dedicated to funding the public safety department and will be due no later than Feb. 14, 2020. The city expects the millage to generate about $90,000 for funding public safety next year.

The votes of councilmen Jesse Marcotte and Tom Fielder and Mayor Kerreen Conley in favor of the levy were in response, they said, to the Nov. 5 ballot advisory question. During the election, 348 voters approved of the 10-year, 2-mill levy while 262 cast no votes. Mayor Pro Tem Jack Loria and Councilman Tom Smith were absent from the meeting.
Conley explained that the meeting was the final opportunity before the deadline to have the tax on the winter tax bills. According to city attorney Steve Hitchcock, officials will be required to vote to renew the millage each year.
Plans for the funding include capital equipment investments in both the police and fire departments, officials said.