Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Local election results show some surprises

Last week, elections in several local municipalities brought voters out to make their choices for school and road bond issues, candidates and even an advisory vote on public safety funding.
Clerks throughout the area noted an extremely light turnout of voters despite the increased interest in national politics.

City of Belleville returned unopposed Mayor Kerreen Conley to another four-year term and selected Kenneth R. Voigt and Kelly Bates to serve four-year terms on the city council. Loria received 404 votes or 38.4 percent of the ballots cast while Bates received 375 votes or 35.6 percent of the votes cast. Jack Loria received 273 votes or 26 percent of the votes.

In addition, Belleville voters were asked to approve a special assessment for the police and fire department operations of up to 2.00 mills or $2 per $1,000 of taxable value on real property in the city.
Voters approved the assessment with 348 yes votes or 57 percent of the votes cast while 262 voters, or 43 percent, cast no votes on the question. This was an advisory vote and is not binding on the city.
Voters also approved a request from the Van Buren Schools to borrow the sum of not to exceed $35,490,000 and issue general obligation unlimited tax bonds in one or more series. Voters approved the proposal with 3,421 Yes votes or 56.1 percent of the ballots cast on the issue while a total of 2,674 voters, or 43.9 percent, cast no votes. The funds will be used for the purpose of erecting, furnishing, and equipping a new early childhood center; remodeling, furnishing and refurnishing, and equipping and re-equipping existing school buildings; acquiring and installing instructional technology in school buildings; and preparing, developing, improving, and equipping playgrounds, athletic fields, and sites. The estimated millage that will be levied for the proposed bonds in 2020 is .78 mill ($0.78 on each $1,000 of taxable valuation) for a -0- mills net increase over the prior year's levy. The maximum number of years the bonds of any series may be outstanding, exclusive of any refunding, is 30 years.

Canton Township voters in the Van Buren School District, were among those who cast votes on the Van Buren School District bond question

In Inkster, incumbent Mayor Byron H. Nolen was defeated by challenger Patrick Wimberly. Nolen received a total of 1,504 votes or 47.4 percent of the ballots cast while Wimberly defeated him with a total of 1,669 votes or 52.6 percent of the total.
Voters also chose one city council member to serve a four-year term in each district.
In District One George V. Williams won the seat with a total of 1,549 votes or 52.7 percent of the electorate while his opponent for the seat, Aaron Sims garnered 1,393 votes or 47.3 percent of the total. In District Two, LaGina Washington won the seat with 1,615 votes or 55 percent of the ballot while Charmaine Kennedy received 1,324 votes or 45 percent of the total. In District Three, Sandra K. Watley won the seat with a total of 1,618 votes or 54.7 percent while her opponent Christha Bond received 1,338 votes or 45.3 percent of the votes in the district. In District Four, Steven Chrisholm received 1,519 votes or 51.3 percent while Rebecca J. Daniels received a total of 1,443 or 48.7 percent of the votes cast for the seat. In District Five, Kim Howard garnered 1,889 votes or 65.3 percent while Kelli Lindsey received a total of 1,004 or 34.7 percent of the votes. In District Six, Dennard Shaw defeated Connie Rose Mitchell with a total of 1,649 votes or 56 percent of the total while Mitchell was the choice of 1,294 or 44 percent of the voters.
Voters had only five choices for six seats on the Inkster Public Library Board of Directors and Michael Wells, Ruth E. Williams, Stephanie Abernathy-Lane, Dosye A. Thompson and DeAndra Chystal-Rikay Watley will fill those seats.

City of Northville voters chose Brian Turnbull to serve a 2-year term as mayor, defeating incumbent Ken Roth. Turnbull received 1,388 or 65.1 percent of the vote cast while Roth received a total of 744 votes or 34.9 percent.
Northville voters also chose two candidates to serve four-year terms on the city council. Barbara A. Moroski-Browne was the top vote getter with 1,284 or 35.7 percent of the votes closely followed by Marilyn Price who received 1,211 votes or 33.7 percent of the ballots cast. Joseph Patrick Corriveau received 1,101 or 30. 6 percent of the vote total.

There was no election scheduled in Northville Township.

Voters in the City of Plymouth had a choice of four candidates seeking four terms on the city commission. Kelly O'Donnell was the top vote getter with 1,132 votes followed by Suzi Deal who received 1,106 votes. Anthony Sebastian received 1,072 votes while Marques Thomey received a total of 986 votes. There were a total of 30 write in votes cast for commission seats.
Voters in the city also approved a 10-year $12,280,000 bond question to be used for the acquiring and constructing of street improvements throughout the city consisting of paving, repaving, resurfacing, reconstructing and improving streets. The estimated millage to be levied is 1.2721 mills or $1.27 per $1,000 of taxable property value. A total of 1,028 voters cast yes votes for the proposal while 723 voted no on the question. 

There was no election scheduled in Plymouth Township.

There was no election scheduled.

There was no election scheduled

In the City of Westland, incumbent City Clerk Richard LeBlanc was unopposed for another term in office.
Voters were asked to choose four candidates for terms on the Westland City Council. The top vote getter was Andrea Rutkowski who received 5,255 votes or 18 percent of the balloting followed by incumbent Michael Londeau who received 4,889 votes or 16 percent of the votes cast. Mike McDermott received 4,802 votes or 16 percent of the total while incumbent James Godbout received 4,121 votes or 14 percent of the total.
Timothy Gilbert received 3,955 votes or 13 percent while Debra Kehrer received 3,955 or 13 percent and Michael E. Delph received a total of 2,071 votes or 7 percent of the votes cast.
The top three vote getters will serve four-year terms while Godbout will serve a two-year term on the city council.