Thursday, March 11, 2021

City to sell land to Poole's tavern

Members of the Northville City Council approved the preparation of a purchase agreement for the sale of some city property at the corner of Main and Hutton to facilitate the renovation and expansion of Poole's Tavern.

Current plans include adding a second floor and rooftop dining at the corner restaurant. Poole's owners will pay $45 per square foot of the 218 square foot of land being purchased.

Referred to in proposals and option C, this was the smallest amount of land necessary to accommodate the expansion of the building and the construction of a staircase to the second floor. 

The owners, as part of the purchase agreement, must build an ADA-compliant passageway, begin work within six months of the sale and commit to a timeline for the development. Officials said the conditions allow the city more time to consider the possibility of selling more land to Poole's in the future or retain the property as city-owned.