Thursday, March 25, 2021

Northville schools pledge full return to classrooms this fall

Northville Public Schools will return to full, in-person classroom instruction in all programs this fall.

Members of the Northville district board of education unanimously adopted a resolution during the March 9 meeting to return to the full, in-person instruction beginning with the first day of school this fall.

“As a district, we want our community to be clear that we are actively planning for a full return in 2021-22. While no one can accurately forecast precisely what the circumstances will be in September, we are committed to getting our students back to in-person school 5 days per week with the necessary protocols in place,” noted a prepared statement from the school district.

To support this plan, district administrators have been working across departments on implementation, including: planning for contingencies on the utilization of available learning spaces and spacing of students; considering staffing needs to safely support a full return for all learners; exploring options for ongoing COVID-19 testing and vaccination; contingency planning for safety protocols that maximize student and staff well being; working with facility management specialists on HVAC options; additional strategies and improving access to instruction to support students placed into quarantine, e.g., by orders of the health department; planning supports for learners with different needs, including those who may need at-home supports, disability accommodations, etc.; continuing expansion of classroom technology including training of staff on the use of technology to support individual learning needs, learning within and beyond the walls of the classroom, and flexible access to learning and consideration of whether some families may wish to choose some level of virtual education options should the district be permitted to provide virtual options.

“With the ongoing research into effective mitigation strategies, broadening access to COVID-19 vaccination, and the opportunity to build on the lessons learned this year, we are confident and optimistic about the future that lies ahead as we come back together for the 2021-22 school year,” administrators said in the prepared release. “Thank you for your ongoing patience and support through what continues to be an incredibly challenging school year,” they added.

“Better things are ahead of us and that work is well under way. There are and will be questions that simply cannot yet be answered, but we wanted to assure you that, like you, we look forward to returning to our most treasured traditions, building on our areas of strength, and moving forward on our journey to open a World of Possibilities for and with our students and families in the coming year,” they concluded.