Thursday, March 11, 2021

Food bank may soon open at Sumpter Township site

Sumpter Township Trustee Peggy Morgan asked her fellow board members to approve a request from Habitat for Humanity during the Feb. 23 meeting.

Morgan said she had been contacted by representatives of the non-profit organization about operating a Forgotten Harvest food distribution center in the township.

“This is all done and managed though the county,” she said, “The township needs only to provide a location.” Morgan said the township Community Center or the Parks and Recreation building would be possible locations for such a food distribution effort. She said that both the buildings have double driveways which would allow cars to pull up and pull out smoothly.

Township Clerk Esther Hurst said she agreed that this would be “a wonderful project for the township. Do we need to vote or can we just approve it?” she asked.

Trustee Matt Oddy also agreed that this was a benefit to the community and suggested that the Community Center would be the best location. He noted that the township would have to have someone to let the people using the center into the building and to coordinate the distribution.

Morgan said that her information was that there was no cost to the township, the municipality was being asked only to provide space and that the operation would be managed through Wayne County.

With the agreement of the entire board, she said that she would pursue the matter.

“It sounds like we are giving the go ahead, so I will follow through with these people,” she said.