Thursday, March 25, 2021

First lady

During March, designated as Women's History Month set aside to honor women's contributions in American history, the City of Westland paid tribute to Justine Barns, a trailblazer who rose from a school activist to become a State Representative. “Justine Barns was a remarkable State Representative, councilwoman, philanthropist, leader and friend. Our community is a better place because of her countless contributions,” said Mayor William R. Wild. The late Mrs. Barns served on the original Westland Charter Committee when Nankin Township was converted to the City of Westland. She dedicated many years to the city before going on to serve in the House of Representatives. After spending 12- years at the Capitol, she served another four years on Westland City Council before retiring. “With a large list of firsts, Westland is proud to call her our “First” Westland Councilmember on the “First' City Council as well as the “First” woman president to serve the council, Wild added.