Thursday, July 30, 2020

Friends of the Rouge is awarded a $400,000 state grant

Friends of the Rouge, a non-profit environmental group, has received a $400,000 state grant to fund the development of rain gardens near the Plymouth Arts and Recreation Complex.
The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy Nonpoint Source Program (EGLE), awarded the grant for the development of about 31,500 square feet of rain gardens, which are included in a parking lot renovation plan at the Main Street complex where the Friends of the Rouge (FOTR) have offices.

Rain gardens are designed to soak up and clean polluted stormwater, according to state environmental experts. Like a large shallow saucer, rain gardens commonly hold about 6 inches of water, and are designed to drain within 48 hours and drain inpurities from runoff rainwater.
“The primary goal of the rain garden project is to create a beautiful, high-performance storm water management system at the FOTR office,” FOTR said in a statement.
“The gardens will control and filter significant volumes of storm water to make considerable progress towards resolving issues with sedimentation and flow instability in Tonquish Creek, a tributary to the Rouge River that has been highly impaired by storm water impacts.
“The rain gardens will absorb as much as 240,000 gallons of stormwater each rainfall and create habitats for pollinators like butterflies and bees.”
The gardens will also serve as an educational tool and demonstrate best practices that residents across southeast Michigan can use at home and in community landscapes to help solve problems with flooding and water pollution,” the statement added.
Volunteers and staff from FOTR will maintain the rain gardens and actively promote the features and benefits of the installation, according to the group.