Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Wayne police chief’s performance commended by council

Members of the Wayne City Council unanimously agreed to a letter of commendation for Police Chief Ryan Strong during their meeting last month.
The request for the commendation was presented to the council members by City Manger Lisa Nocerini who said she had received the letter recommending the honor from police Lt. Finley Carter.
“I could not agree more,” Nocerini said of the praise Carter directed at Strong's leadership and decision making particularly during the pandemic in the City of Wayne.
“I strongly support these accolades.”

Finley detailed Strong's conduct during the pandemic noting that he took action immediately at the beginning of the reports of the virus.
“The chief was diligent in obtaining personal protection equipment not only for his own department but for others,” Carter said in his letter. “The chief was assertive in setting up testing and swift in decision making,” he said.
Strong's innovative approach to providing mental health training for officers and others in effective ways to handle the effects of quarantine and other aspects of the COVID-19 epidemic were also lauded.
“This doesn't include all the reports we do, all the information that we gather,” Nocerini said. “That is led by the chief. It does not take into account the meetings, the endless meetings,” she said. “The chief is fantastic to work with,” she told the council members.
Mayor John Rhaesa agreed noting that “Chief Strong is a great asset and we are very lucky to have him. I hear nothing but great things about his leadership.”
The letter of commendation for Strong's exemplary performance was unanimously supported by the council members.