Thursday, July 16, 2020

Saxton's site project OK’d

Members of the Plymouth City Commission have approved a plan for the construction of a 10-unit group of single-family condominiums and the redevelopment of the building that formerly housed Saxton's.
The project, at 587 Ann Arbor Trail, has been rezoned and a Planned Unit Development agreement approved by city commissioners.
The condominiums will be located along Maple Street, according to the approved plans, and most of the adjacent parking lot will continue to offer public parking as it is owned by the city The project has been in development for several years. Approval of the agreement requires that renovations at the Jewell Blaich building take place prior to the sale of the condominiums. Those renovations are also required to conform to the standards of the Historic District Commission in the city.
City officials said they were pleased with the project and were looking forward to the completion of the development.