Thursday, July 9, 2020

On the job

Police chief retires, signs 
contract to remain with city

Westland Police Chief Jeff Jedrusik has announced his retirement but he isn't going anywhere soon and will continue to serve the community.
In an employment strategy that is expected to save the city about $280,000 during the 5-year contract Jedrusik signed with the city, he will retire and collect some of the benefits he has accrued during his 25 years with the Westland Police Department while continuing to work as the police chief under the terms of the new employment contract.

Jedrusik will exercise his options under the deferred retirement option plan, or DROP, and take his health, dental, life and vision benefits along with sick and vacation pay from his pension while his salary will continue to come through the police department.
Jedrusik has been eligible for full-retirement since January, according to city officials, but Mayor William R. Wild says the city needs the level of experience and management Jedrusik has employed during his 8 years as police chief.
Another moving inducement to the new plan is the lack of a long-term replacement currently in the department. During the next 5 years, Jedrusik will be actively training his replacement, officials said. A city the size of Westland is required by State Act 78 of 1935 to hire the police chief from within the department.
Both deputy chiefs in the department are also nearing retirement and should Jedrusik leave now, the city could potentially hire three to four chiefs in the department in a short period of time, officials said, which is not conducive to responsible management practices.