Thursday, July 2, 2020

Furloughed city employees are returning to work this week

All furloughed employees were called back to work at the City of Westland last Tuesday, June 30.
In response to the pandemic and associated closures, Westland officials placed two thirds of non-public safety employees on temporary furlough.  After reopening city hall and other municipal buildings on June 1, the administration has been phasing employees back from furlough as demand for city services has increased.

"Our employees are eager to get back to work," commented Mayor William R. Wild.  "We now have the safety measures in place to bring our staffing levels back up to capacity so we can continue to provide excellent customer service to our residents."
Residents can still conduct city business on and utilize the drop boxes located outside city hall.
Westland parks amenities also reopened June 5, resulting in the need for the city to reinstate the park ranger program. 
All union and part-time employees of the 18th District Court will remain on furlough until the expiration of their union Letter of Understanding July 31.  The Westland Public Library is currently working on a phased reopening plan and will be releasing more details with regards to staffing in the upcoming days, according to a prepared release from the city.