Thursday, July 30, 2020

Tuesday Primary election will determine Nov. 3 ballot

Those who plan to vote in November will have only the candidates chosen by those who vote next Tuesday from which to choose.
A very small percentage of voters throughout all the communities will make the crucial decisions next week and severely limit the choices of those who plan to vote in November. This election will also determine the fate of local millage and tax votes in some communities and a millage renewal for property owners throughout Wayne County.
The vote Tuesday is crucial to the democratic process and a vital step in the privilege and responsibility still endowed on citizens of this country.

Voting is a choice. It is a unique opportunity to support candidates who voters believe can effect the changes they want to see in their city, township, county, state and from the judicial bench in local courts. The political officials elected into office and the policies they implement will impact the lives of every resident, their families and their well being in the future.
Those who care about public affairs, and those who have a casual attitude regarding the politics of their local communities, have a civic duty and responsibility to their fellow citizens to get to the polls and express their opinions.
Although many citizens may feel as if their vote doesn't really count, that is a fallacy that has been repeatedly disproven in close voter totals and results. No matter which side of the political divide voters support, each voice is crucial to the outcome and the eventual future of the local government and court system, along with taxing levels.
Voting is a crucial, meaningful way to express opinions about issues.  The voters Tuesday will choose the choices and candidates the remainder of voters will see on the November ballot. We urge every voter exercise their right and voice their opinion on Tuesday.