Thursday, July 2, 2020


Art Institute program comes to Inkster 

Annucitory Angel by Fra Angelico will be on display
in Inkster as part of the Detriot Institute
of Arts Inside/Outside program.
Inkster residents and visitors can enjoy some very special sights next month as the  Detroit Institute of Arts' popular program Inside/Out visits the city through October.
The 10th year of the Inside Out program will include eight reproductions of artworks installed in the city. Inside/Out is a component of the DIA community engagement efforts. During the past decade, the museum has partnered with more than 100 communities and engaged tens of thousands of residents with art in places where they live, work and play.
A reproduction of Savoy Ballroom by Reginald Marsh will be on display at Inkster City Hall, 2621 Trowbridge and a Portrait of a Collagist by Benny Andrews will be featured at the Booker T. Dozier Recreation Center, 2025 Middlebelt Road.

Both Colonial and Inkster parks will feature reproductions of works of art featured in the museum. The works on display are will withstand weather conditions until they are taken down by museum workers in October.
Mushhushshu-dragon Symbol of the God Morduk by an unknown Mesopotamian artist will be shown at Colonial Park by the play structure at 1470 Colonial Dr. while Annunciatory Angel by Fra Angelico will be in Colonial Park at Inkster Road near the bike path. Also at Colonial Park near the bike path and Inkster Road will be The Piazza San Marco, a well-known work by Caneletto.
At the entrance to Inkster Park at 1550 John Daly St. The Wreck, a Eugene Louis Gabriel Isabey work will be installed. Near the play station at Inkster Park, Movement #27 by Kwesi Osusu-Ankomah will be displayed and in the area by the bridge at Inkster Park, Talking Oak, by William Maw Geleau will be installed for public viewing.
A complete map of the display area and information on upcoming programs is available at