Thursday, June 2, 2022

Acts of Kindness by students rewarded at council meeting

Members of the Westland City Council along with the Compassionate City Committee and  Wayne-Westland Community Schools administrators acknowledged the recipients of the April Random Acts of Kindness awards. The program recognizes four of the many students nominated from the 17 schools in the district who have demonstrated random acts of kindness.

The four winners were Tessa Przybyla of Schweitzer Elementary, Kadence Lindsey of Taft-Galloway Elementary, Yuritzi Antonio-Olmos of Walker-Winter Elementary, and Chloe Falis of Stottlemyer Early Childhood and Family Development Center.

Tessa Przybyla was nominated by her teacher for being caught spreading kindness by being a leader every day in class, helping others, and being a friend to everyone and leading by example with her friendly and helpful personality.

Kadence Lindsey was nominated for cleaning up the classroom when all her peers went outside for recess. She is a very polite and sweet young girl and is very helpful and is always capable of making others smile, according to her nomination. 

Yuritzi Antonio-Olmos was nominated by her teacher for helping two classmates with their work. She is a polite and helpful student that loves to encourage her peers to do well and is often one of the first students to volunteer to help her classroom and Walker as a whole, her teacher said.

Chloe Falis has “done a fantastic job at being the class leader.” According to her nomination, she is always willing to help a classmate who is having a difficult day and is inclusive with all of her peers. She meets all the staff members with a big smile and excitement to learn every single day, her nominator said, and “this year, her kind, sensitive, compassionate and joyous personality have blossomed and bloomed.”

Each of the student received a $20 gift certificate from a local merchant along with the official recognition by city and school officials.