Thursday, June 23, 2022

Living a dream

Northville Township Police Ofc. Megan Cromie has gone from a reassuring voice heard on the phone as residents called for services, to offering in-person aid to those in emergency situations. Cromie fulfilled a childhood dream recently when she was sworn in as a member of the department in front of her family and friends, including her fiancĂ©, who also is a police officer. Cromie, a native of Livonia, said she has been dreaming of being a police officer since she was a child, following the identical career path her grandfather chose. Since November 2019, she has been a Northville Township 911 dispatcher and was the reassuring voice residents heard when they called for assistance. While working as a dispatcher, Cromie enrolled at the Wayne County Regional Police Academy in January and graduated May 18. "I have enjoyed my time with the township and am incredibly grateful to return in a new capacity," Cromie said.