Thursday, June 2, 2022

Happy birthday

Street to be renamed for centenarian resident

Street to be renamed for centenarian resident
The City of Inkster will honor one of the most distinguished and revered members of the community tomorrow with the dedication of a street in her name.

Lillie R. Lester, who recently celebrated her 100th birthday, with a crowd of family members and friends, will be honored by the renaming of Weithoff Street to Lillie R. Lester Drive. Lester has resided on the Inkster Street for decades.

Lester is a familiar name in state history as she holds the distinction of being the first female sergeant-at-arm and the first black woman sergeant at-arms in the Michigan State Capitol building. In 2018,  Lester was recognized by the Michigan State House of Representatives extolling her years of dedicated service in that position of responsibility.

Birthday accolades included resolutions signed by President Joe Biden, Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Wayne County Commissioner Glenn Anderson as well as a myriad of dignitaries extending well wishes.  This celebration commemorated not only her new status of centenarian, a feat few have attained, but also acknowledged her lifelong dedication to the state of Michigan and its constituents. 

Inkster officials said the dedication is open to the public and that the ceremony is “with enormous pride” as the city bestows “this permanent tribute to an authentic treasure, Mrs. Lillie R. Lester.”