Thursday, June 16, 2022

Sumpter committee to review job descriptions

Sumpter Township Trustees have approved the formation of a committee to review the job descriptions of some officials.

Deputy Supervisor/Trustee Tim Rush told the trustees during the May 25 study session preceding the regular meeting that he and Trustee Matt Oddy proposed a committee to review the job descriptions, wages and benefits of the deputy treasurer and clerk. He said the deputy supervisor position would not be reviewed as it was a part-time assignment.

Rush, Oddy, Supervisor Tim Bowman and Clerk Esther Hurst were named to the committee who would then bring their findings back to the board. They will be responsible for providing job descriptions for each of the full-time township positions along with recommendations for wages and benefits.

Any changes would be made by vote of the board of trustees, Rush stressed. The motion to form the committee was approved with Oddy excused from the meeting.