Thursday, June 9, 2022

Sumpter trustee reminds board of Roberts’ Rules

A heated exchange between Sumpter Township Supervisor Tim Bowman and a resident during the May 25 meeting prompted Deputy Supervisor/Trustee Tim Rush to call for more order at meetings.

Rush told the board members and the audience that he felt the meeting were getting “sloppy.”

“This board, like many others, adopted Robert's Rules of order,” he said. “Those rules dictate that you ask the chair for permission to speak.” 

Rush said he felt it was inappropriate for people in the audience and on the board to be speaking at will without following the proper procedures.

Rush also expressed his displeasure with the conduct of resident Cory Blue who entered into a contentious argument with Bowman during the public comment portion of the agenda. Blue was critical of the manner the sale of township owned land was being sold and disputed the zoning and accessibility of a property adjacent to his. He and Bowman heatedly disagreed about the use of the property and the viability for building at the commercially zoned site.

“Anyone who comes to this board and thinks they are going to get a problem solved is mistaken,” he said. “Make an appointment. Every member of this board is accommodating. I don't care if I have to come in on a Saturday.

“To come here and think you're going to get a problem solved is mistaken. This board adopted Roberts Rules of Order which means you need permission from whomever is the chair to speak,” he added.

Rush reiterated his suggestion that those with concerns or problems call to make an appointment with officials to attempt to find an amicable resolution.