Thursday, July 29, 2021

All aboard

The grand opening celebration for the bay-window caboose at the Plymouth Historical Museum took place last weekend with fanfare and a performance by the Plymouth Community Band.  The caboose was donated to the museum by CSX Railroad as they downsized rolling car stock. In this bay window caboose, the crew monitoring the train sat in the middle of the car in a section that slightly protruded from the side of car to provide a better view of the side of the train. In the 1940s, the bay window caboose gained favor with many railroads because it eliminated the need for additional clearance through tunnels and under bridges. The bay-window style also provided safety to caboose crew members, who regarded the cupola as a hazard, especially when extending their body outside of the open cupola window to view the side of the train. The exhibit was funded by donations and in part by the purchase of memorial or tribute paver bricks by the public. The museum is located at 155 S. Main St. and the caboose exhibit is open during regular museum hours. For more information, call (734) 455-8940.