Thursday, July 29, 2021

Comcast service is questioned by Sumpter resident

Sumpter Township officials want to know if Comcast has provided all the services promised in the township.

During the public comment portion of the July 13 board of trustees meeting, Melinda Anderson of Sherwood Street explained the problems the lack of internet service is causing in the area. She told the board that her family has lived in the township for 12 years, and the lack of internet has now become a serious concern as she attempts to home school her children.

“It's a struggle with no internet,” she told the trustees. She said that her family was given an estimate of $11,000 to continue the cable service down the road into her area. 

“It is only a 1.4 mile. The cable service ends at Arcona,” she said. Anderson said that she had been informed that there were grant funds available for infrastructure improvements, including internet access, but that the funding could only be applied for by the township. “We can't apply personally,” she said. She explained that home schooling her children and working from home have so far been accomplished using a hot spot on her cell phone but that she needs to drive to the township police station to use internet service, which is a major inconvenience.

Trustee Tim Rush agreed with Anderson that it was a problem and that he felt that Comcast did not provide the services the township had been promised. He said that he uses a satellite dish services which he said was reasonably priced but that he understood Anderson's frustration.

“I wish we could get cable down all the roads that need it,” he said. “Everyone in my area uses these alternative services.”

Trustee Matt Oddy said the township should find out exactly “where we are with Comcast.' He suggested that the wires should been installed where they are needed and that the township and Comcast need to “look at areas where we don't have service.”

Township officials agreed to look into the situation and contact Comcast officials regarding the current service areas.