Thursday, July 1, 2021

Pet experts suggest special holiday precautions

Veterans are not the only family members who may not enjoy traditional Fourth of July fireworks.

More dogs run away or are lost on the 4th than any other day of the year and veterinarians report adverse reactions to fireworks are not uncommon following the celebration.

Animal experts advise owners to think ahead about the holiday activities, develop a plan, and act early.

“Do not take your pet to a fireworks show, but walk them earlier in the day,” they advised and then have a safe space indoors for your pet during fireworks. Outdoor pets are likely to take extreme measures to try to escape the loud noise, and may attempt to flee from the perceived danger. Owners are encouraged to have pets microchipped and should ensure that information on the registry is up to date. 

Make sure collars on pets have up-to-date contact information, too, experts said.

Animal care professionals also advise owners to turn on some music inside the  home to distract from the loud pops and offer the pet favorite toys or food, to help soothe them.

“When a pet is stressed they may be more likely to have an accident or destroy belongings,” the experts said. Owners should be sure to provide a safe place for pets inside and place valuables out of reach, and be understanding if accidents are discovered upon arriving home.

“Talk to your veterinarian. They can provide medication to help relieve your pet's anxiety,” experts advised, and “make sure you have enough time to test out the medication while you're home with the pet before offering it to them while you are away.”