Thursday, September 16, 2021

Sacred ceremony

State Rep. Ranjeev Puri (D-Canton), hosted Canton Township Director of Police Services Chad Baugh during the 911 commemoration ceremony at the Lansing State Capitol last week. “Today, I was proud to be joined by Director Baugh as we honored the lives and memories of those we lost 20 years ago in the Sept. 11 attacks. The brave and courageous actions of those first responders helped save many lives that tragic day. Honoring their lives and telling their stories allows us the opportunity to shine a light on a day that looms so dark. The attacks forever changed our country and led to a dramatic rise in hate crimes for many communities. It is important to continue to work together to build an America in which we are all safe and welcome. Director Baugh and his men and women honor the sacrifices made each and every day as they continue that all-important work, and for that, I thank them.”