Thursday, September 23, 2021

Sumpter to allow kayaks, canoes at Sherwood Pond

Sumpter Township residents may soon be able to enjoy a kayak or canoe ride in Sherwood Pond at Banotai Park, pending an opinion from the township insurance carrier.

During a meeting of the members of the township board of trustees last month, trustees agreed to allow the non-motorized watercraft pending approval of current insurance coverage. Township attorney Rob Young said he would send the ordinance allowing the kayaks and canoes to the insurance carrier and report back to the board members if there were any objections or if any other coverage might be needed.

Trustee Tim Rush said that currently theare are no lifeguards at several bodies of water in the township. Residents understand that recreational use is at their own risk, he said.

“It is your responsibility,” he said of users of the other water spots in the township. “I don't think there will be any issues,” he added.

If approved as adopted by the trustees, the new ordinance allowing the use of both kayaks and canoes at the park will become effective within 30 days, Young said.